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A Car Boutique

  Interiou Cleaning & Valeting
  Paint Protection
  Under Chassis Rust Guard
  Engine Cleaning & Degreasing
  Headlight Restoration

  Alloy Wheel Cleaning & Protection
  Rain Screen
  Internal Panel Protection
  Ac Conditioning & Cleaning Disinfect
  Silencer Coating

  Challenge : Dirt and spillage absorb into untreated fabric leaving stubborn stains

  Step 1 : Cleanses and leaves smooth and rich look using advanced Diamondbrite Cleaning Technology

  Step 2 : Long term protection against stains and other atmospheric bombardments using proprietary Diamondbrite Upholstery Protection technology


Experience Clear View during rains or night driving

  Step 1 - Removal of hard water marks and rough scale on the wind shield
  Step 2 - Treating with Diamondbrite Rain Screen Coating for a long term protection

The Benefits

  Maintain that 'straingt from the showroom' look
  Increase your car's resale value
  No need to polish your car again
  Protect your investment
  Car is the second most expensive investment of your life. Maintaining that "Showroom Look" for years is your wish.
  Proven Solutions from Diamondbrite can make it happen and will bring the following benefits
  Maintain NEW CAR LOOK year after year Protection for Investment.
  Increase your car's Resale value.