Use CNG to clean & Green Enviroment

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What is CNG

The simple Gas from natural resources flow up from deep below Earth known as Methane (used as cooking gas also) that has been compressed at a high pressure of 200 Bar approximately 3000 psi & stored in especially designed seamless steel cylinders i.e. Compressed Natural Gas - CNG


  The CNG is lighter than Air, disperses very quickly without making any dangerous accumulation.
  The ignition temperature of CNG is higher than the liquid fuels petrol / diesel (Gasoline) & LPG, so it reduces the danger of an accidental & spontaneous inflammation.
  The CNG is stored at high pressure of 200 Bar in cylinders, which makes impossible entrance of Air that save any kind of explosives.

Economic Benefit

  The CNG has low cost, high performance, increasing mileage improving average than that of petrol / diesel assuring saving of 70 to 75% of fuel expenses.
  The CNG does not contaminate the oil due to its excellent combustion assuring increase of oil life 3-times.
  The CNG does not form any sediment & maintaining the sparks very clean which increase its upto 3 - times.
  The CNG does not washing the walls of pistons (cylinders), assuring a best lubrication that increases the life of engine.
  The CNG combustion is creating very less harmful gas emission, no smokes and also very less corrosive than gasoline, thus it improves the life of the exhaust system & muffler.
  The CNG has high octane value than gasoline, assuring the better start up & noiseless soft regular running of engine.


  The CNG do not have any additives, very low toxic and its homogenous mixing with Air is making an almost perfect combustion that particularly neutralizing the pollution of the environment.
  The CNG creates the environment like the Natural Green & Clean and makes the Green Revolution in the weather.

Income Tax Depreciation

As CNG fittment is helpful to save environment pollution, expense is deducted from Income while counting Income tax.

Easy To Use

The basic engine characteristics of a vehicle are retained while converting it to run on CNG. The vehicle therefor is capable of running either on petrol or CNG by the flick of a switch on it's dashboard.